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Code Force Limited is a software entertainment company based in Auckland, New Zealand. We are the developers of Distant Worlds, the epic RT4X space strategy game.

For Distant Worlds support please visit the Distant Worlds forum at our publisher, Matrix Games: Distant Worlds forum

For any other enquiries please email us at info@codeforce.co.nz

Latest Screenshots:
Distant Worlds - Shadows
Animated ground invasions can be viewed in the new Ground Report screen
The Area Singularity weapon creates a temporary black hole that sucks ships into its vortex
An empire requests resources be supplied to a colony via a smuggling mission
Characters of various types provide special bonuses to your empire
Your colonies project influence that forms your empire's territory
Dozens of different race-specific victory conditions offer limitless gameplay styles
Return of the Shakturi
Fleets and Planet Destroyers in action
Research features huge new tech trees
Set detailed policy in the Empire Policy screen
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