Distant Worlds - Features

Truly Epic-Scale Galaxies: play in galaxies with up to 1400 star systems and 50,000 planets, moons and asteroids. Vast nebula clouds spiral out from the galactic core, shaping the distribution of star clusters in the galaxy

Private Enterprise: the private citizens of your empire automatically take care of mundane tasks like mining resources, transporting cargo, migration between colonies, tourism and much more. This frees you from micro-management and instead allows you to focus on a macro-scale

Intelligent Automation: automate the various tasks in your empire, so that you can focus on the areas that you enjoy most. Or have your advisors make suggestions in different areas like colonization, defense or diplomacy – helping you learn the best tactics and strategies

Explore: explore the vast galaxy, discovering valuable resources, potential colonies for your empire and making contact with other empires. Uncover secrets that lift the veil on the galaxy’s mysterious past...

Colonize: send out colony ships to found new worlds for your empire. Develop your new colonies by keeping them well-supplied with a steady stream of valuable resources

Defend: patrol the outlying areas of your empire to protect from raiding pirates or dangerous space monsters. Construct defensive bases at your colonies. Build up your fleets to defend against enemy empires. Recruit troops to invade enemy colonies and conquer the galaxy!

Diplomacy: interact with other empires, discussing treaties, making trade offers or just giving them a piece of your mind. Talk to pirate factions, tapping into their underground information, or paying them to do your dirty work for you...

Espionage: covertly seek out information about other empires, or even disrupt their progress with acts of sabotage

Research: develop new technologies for use in building your own unique ships and star bases

Build: design and build the ships and star bases in your empire. Construct mighty military ships at your space ports, or build mining stations, research installations or secret monitoring facilities at remote locations throughout the galaxy

Built-in Game Editor: fine-tune your own galaxy, adding or removing star systems, planets, asteroid fields, ships, star bases, space monsters or anything else. Modify the attributes of any empire in your game

Extensive Help: exhaustive, built-in, context-sensitive help is always only a single key-press away. Press F1 at any time for a detailed explanation of the current game screen, your currently selected item, etc

Tutorials: in-game tutorials familiarize you with all of the game elements and tools

Built-in Customization: modify all ship art, alien races, and much more. Switch between different customization sets with a couple of mouse clicks from the main game menu

Latest Screenshots:
Distant Worlds - Shadows
Animated ground invasions can be viewed in the new Ground Report screen
The Area Singularity weapon creates a temporary black hole that sucks ships into its vortex
An empire requests resources be supplied to a colony via a smuggling mission
Characters of various types provide special bonuses to your empire
Your colonies project influence that forms your empire's territory
Dozens of different race-specific victory conditions offer limitless gameplay styles
Return of the Shakturi
Fleets and Planet Destroyers in action
Research features huge new tech trees
Set detailed policy in the Empire Policy screen
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